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When you are ready to seek help and accept change, inquire within. 

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Core Aspects Of Therapy

Therapy acts as a place to share our questions and ideas about emotional health. A safe space to discover that none of us are alone

Develop skills of self-inquiry and self awareness. Understanding your history, your beliefs about yourself and the world, and your patterns of being and relating. This is where change begins! We sometimes forget to simply check in with ourselves.

Seek clarity and validation about your history, your current relationships and your goals. 

Learn about yourself, what your unique struggles are – and then learn more specifically about the neurobiological facts about stress, anxiety, depression and trauma if that is part of your story. 

Learn and practice skills for coping with what life has thrown or is throwing at us. 

Heal. We will work collaboratively to determine what type of therapeutic approach is evidence-based, meaningful and the right fit for you

About Stacey Sanderson


Assessment and Counselling

Assessment, counselling and psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Families.

Mindfulness Workshops

Workshops or groups that want to focus on beter mindfulness in everyday life.

Stress in the Workplace

Speaking and/or consulting for businesses or individuals.